Kia ora!

You are planning to stay on the other side of the world? You are interested in stories about the land of the long white cloud or you are just as crazy as I and want to go to high school in a foreign country although you have already finished with school in your home country? Or you just have not got anything better to do at the moment? Well, I cannot promise but at least hope that you are right here then. 🙂

Before you are fighting your battle through all the hard facts – first of all, a warm welcome to you. And I would not only like to say “Hello!” but also use two other ways to do so. They are distinctive for both the region where I come from and the region where I am currently staying – to keep it short: “Kia ora!” and “Moin!”

Who am I?

Bee-line from my hometown in Germany to Kerikeri, New Zealand, where I am currently staying for half a year

My name is Konstantin, I am 19 years old and come from a wonderful place near Hanover in Northern Germany. Last year, I finished school in my home country so currently, I am doing a gap year. That is as you know something you do while you are waiting for enlightenment with regard to the question what to do for uni but are too young to do a sabbatical. I feel like this, too.

For the second half of my gap year, I ended up in a place on the other side of the world – in Kerikeri in beautiful New Zealand, to be exact. This is where I am going to high school for four days a week and where I am volunteering on the fifth.

More than half of my great time down here is already over and I have experienced heaps of unique things during this time. For the last weeks of my stay, I would love to take you with me on my journey.

Why am I blogging?

I first played with the idea of blogging at least a few weeks prior to the beginning of my stay in New Zealand. While doing so, a lot of questions came to my mind: What if I stop being keen after two articles and prefer to just enjoy my time? Will anyone read my blog? And if so: Do I want that?

Now, as I have only got a couple of weeks in New Zealand left, I see these as a nice opportunity to just give blogging a try: I love writing (which often results in whole novels whenever I get the chance). As I did not sow my wild oats with pen and keyboard so far, blogging is a good chance to do so now. Not to mention the fantastic synergy effects that blogging has in comparison to sending postcards or WhatsApp messages – which does not mean that both is a thing of the past now.

What is going to happen blogging-wise after my stay in New Zealand? I have not decided yet – so let’s just see, I might continue.

Why did I decide for a stay abroad?

After I had gradudated at my secondary school in Germany, I was curious to go somewhere else and do something else than before. Besides, I wanted to invest time into deciding on subjects to do for university before making a rash decision. Also, I really like languages and I have been keen to learn thinking in a foreign language for a reasonable amount of time. However, as staying in the Vatican is probably hard to organise and I only learnt reading and writing, but not speaking Latin at school, it was obvious for me to decide for an English-speaking country. I am interested in seriously experiencing another culture, like finding out how living in another family is like and I am curious to explore new places. In my last two years at German secondary school, I got to know many classmates who had dared to stay abroad before me. I really noticed how much they profited from their stays both with regard to their language and their personality.

In my opinion, a longer-range stay abroad is just such an extremely amazing (if not the best) all-inclusive offer of unique experiences and adventures. I reckon I am a bit too pleased with myself to become a new person – but I am still sure that the time in New Zealand will help me so much in many regards.

If you are interested in more details about me deciding for a stay here, continue reading here: *click me*

Anything else?

You have got a question on your mind or want to leave feedback for my blog? Feel free to approach me via my contact form. I am looking forward to receiving your message.